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Admiral Byrd Middle School

134 Rosa Lane

Winchester, VA 22602

Get ready to light up the night and have a blast with family and friends at our exhilarating Glow All Out 5K event! Join us as we race through the Evendale/Byrd campus, creating memories and laughter with every step. This race will rally support for the local organization Bright Futures, ensuring brighter prospects for our community's youth.


Bright Futures is a community-driven initiative that works tirelessly to support students in Winchester Public Schools and Frederick County Public Schools. Through various programs and initiatives, Bright Futures provides essential resources, such as school supplies, clothing, food assistance, and access to extracurricular activities, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Additionally, Bright Futures fosters partnerships between schools, businesses, and community organizations to create a network of support that uplifts and empowers students to reach their full potential.



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